Welcome to Tunbridge Wells Kempo

Welcome to Tunbridge Wells Kempo

Welcome to Tunbridge Wells KempoWelcome to Tunbridge Wells KempoWelcome to Tunbridge Wells Kempo

About Us




Ju Go Ken is a dynamic martial art system developed by Soon Keat Jee.  The art is based around traditional values and modern self defence applications.  

Ju Go Ken aims to develop the individual to be confident, safe and active.



About us


Beginners are always welcome.

We cater for men and women of all abilities and ages.

Our style includes punching, kicking and blocking. Throws, locks and pins.

We also have applications using sticks and other weapons.

Classes are led by Sensei James Wharton 4th Dan Black belt with over 25 years of experience.

So just come and join us for a class.

Wear comfortable clothes that you can move in and come along. 

Nothing ventured nothing gained. 

The first class is free. The classes are £7.50 after that.  

note: Classes paid for under DD  will be only £20.00 per month


What is Ju Go Ken


Ju Go Ken was derived  from the traditional art of Shorinji Kempo by SK Jee.

The founder of Shorinji Kempo  Doshin So had a vision to create a world filled with strong, compassionate individuals who would add something to society.

SK Jee has taken this philosophy and reworked for the modern world.


A normal class explores all the elements of Ju Go Ken after a warmup we train the basics of Shorinji techniques. We then train with a partner to find out how these traditional techniques work and explore the principles.

We look back at practical self defence situations: Sometime with weapons and sometimes with empty hands.

We finish off our class with techniques for each different level to understand and progress.

Zazen meditation and Seiho(restorative techniques are also studied)

More Information

We are a very friendly club and all are welcome

Find Us

Tunbridge Wells Kempo

TN2 Community Centre, Lakeside, Tunbridge Wells, TN2 3LZ

07962 202016 or 07891 494537


Monday 19.30-21.00 hrs

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